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ACE (Automated Cloud Environment)

ACE (Automated Cloud Environment)

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ACE is an all-in-one mushroom fruiting environment that allows you to confidently grow nearly all gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  This system can grow wood loving and compost loving species with ease. 

The ACE system includes:

  • 1x 66 qt Tank
  • 1x Digital Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • 1x Lamp & LED light at 6000K
  • 1x Light timer (30 minute intervals)
  • 1x Lamp Stand
  • 3x 8oz squirt bottles
  • 1x 2 inch roll of micropore tape
  • 1x Scalpel with 10 sterile blades
  • 1x Heat Mat
  • 1x 3 Plug Designer extension cord (12 feet)
  • 1x Disinfectant spray
  • 1x Hydrogen Peroxide (16 fl oz)
  • 1x Isopropal Alcohol (16 fl oz)
  • 2x waterproof electrical passthroughs
  • 1x Rubber insulation mat
  • 4x Velcro squares
  • 1x Growing tray
  • 2x 1 gallon bags of perlite
  • 1x 1 gallon of polyfill
  • 2x 90 degree TRRS connectors
  • 1x Plexiglass stand
  • 2x sticky sheets
  • 2x Face masks

What else could you possibly need?  This system has it all.  We've taken care of the details that other "kits" overlook.   All you need to start growing is a roll of paper towels, a gallon of distilled water, and your preferred fruiting substrate such as a ready to fruit fruiting block or BRF Tek/PF TEK cakes.

Note:  This kit doesn't include fruiting substrate or fruiting blocks. 

Our kit is fully reusable, and can be completely disassembled due to its modular design.  That means no nasty gaskets or glued on sensors that can harbor contamination and can't be cleaned easily.

A full set of instructions are included for getting your ACE system set up in no time.  The ACE system doesn't use fans to induce pinning.  Instead, adjusting the lamp distance from the lid creates the perfect convection currents inside the tank so mushrooms pin hard.  Our growing tray has the perfect dimensions for substrate volume to surface area for multiple huge flushes.  All you have to do is set up the ACE system and harvest, and harvest, and harvest some more! 

Legal Disclaimer:  Cloud Culture Mushrooms LLC and its affiliates neither endorse nor promote the cultivation or growth of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, widely known as "Magic Mushrooms."  The ACE system can grow most species of mushrooms, so check your local, state, and federal laws before conducting such a grow.  We've designed our system for edible gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  Neither Cloud Culture Mushrooms LLC nor its affiliates will be held liable for any mushroom grower breaking the law.